Slicer Knife ,dawn ,the father called her sister and give him cooking ,&ldquo ;my sister and I dressed and ready to give dad cooking ,sister hit an egg ,but the father said no .Hua Hua said ,&rdquo ;subsequently ,she and her sister returned to his room ,less than 2 minutes, father took the knife came out ,shouting &ldquo ;let !&rdquo ,moncler pas cher;while the knife to her sister and him hack .

Two children were sent to the county people ,the doctor diagnosed that ,China was not seriously injured ,but nearby treatment ,but king king :&ldquo ;best sent her to the nearest medical condition better hospital treatment ,otherwise not only hands will be disabled ,possibly because of the excessive loss of blood lead to death .

&rdquo ;because the mother of two girls are still working in the field, king king father two brothers immediately please River County People help link on the the Great Wall in Chongqing hand surgery hospital ,and under a local ambulance will be king king sent to Chongqing ,michael kors.Along the way, king king uncle always keep in touch with the doctor in Chongqing ,informed the king king .20 on the evening of 9, King King arrived in Chongqing Great Wall Hospital ,underwent salvage .

Xu Lei special correspondent Wang Xin Xing Le photographer Guo Wei the day before the stabbing had attempted to Dutch act Zhang Caixia says ,she is 41 years old this year ,with her husband after 16 years of marriage ,has gave birth to daughter king king ,two daughter Hua Hua ,and a young son of 10 years old .