This means arranging your Slicer Knife appropriately as they will show up in the case. Start by measuring the INSIDE of your case and draw out a similar rectangle somewhere. The only tricky bit here is figuring out how you will support or hang your knives. Probably need to use a little ingenuity here. (Have a look at the illustrations in my longer article

Displaying a Knife Collection for pictures etc.)The simplest possible solution –particularly if you collect folders- is to use little brass cup-hooks. the only problem is that when you hang the knife on the hook, it lays on it’s back, rather then it’s more interesting side. Use a pair of pliers to bend the tip of the hook up and you can use it sideways. Or use a wooden peg. Or simply make a little shelf out of a short piece of wood. Sand it down a little to round the corners, but don't get carried away. A piece of pine molding will do the job and is easy to cut and sand. Wrap it in fabric for an easy PADDED finish.

So what to do with regular knives -the kind that don't fold up? Especially given that you want be able to take them down and hold them? There are about a hundred ways to do this. First, consider a locking cotter pin. They look like giant safety pins. A good hardware store will have 3 or 4 different sizes. Attach them to your backer board by sewing them down with some soft copper wire.

Once you have the cotter pin attached, you can safely hang your knives and yet remove them easily when you want to handle them. If your knives do not have hilts, it is still likely that you can find a pin that will support them. You may have to bring several home from the store, but they are cheap.What to do for bigger knives or even swords? Have a look at the knobs you can buy for drawer pulls.