There comes a time in every kitchen Slicer Knife life when it is increasingly harder to cut with it. The edge gets dulled and therefore you feel like you're trying to cut your steak with a spoon. The best way to get the sharp edge back to the blade is to use an electric knife sharpener. And while there are many choices when you go to purchase an electric knife sharpener, you should take great care to learn how to operate one correctly and safely.

The biggest issue you will face with electric knife sharpeners is the amount of heat they produce. The sharpener working along the edge of the metal will create friction. And any rudimentary knowledge of physics will remind you that as friction increases, so does the heat that is given off of the affected surfaces.

Knowing how hot to allow the blade to get is important. A blade that has seen too much heat in the sharpener will end up getting too brittle to work. The signs of this are when the blade changes color. This is called the blade losing its temper. Fortunately, there are some electric knife sharpeners on the market that market themselves as idiot-proof in that they will "never detemper a blade".

The latest electric knife sharpeners usually have several sharpening stages built into the sharpening process. The basic stage is merely to get the edge from dull to sharp. This is the basic level of sharpness one can get. It is at this stage that most people use their knives and consider them "sharp". However, electric knife sharpeners go further.