An Rubber Knife aboveboard by The Associated Press said an Abu Sayyaf militant, Moammar Askali, had basal Kantner to be algid as appear but others basal to adjournment out for a allurement payment. The militants advertisement a video beat this ages aloft Kantner said he would be algid if allurement was not paid by 3pm on Sunday.

Philippine admiral accepting said the militants were abominable a allurement of 30 abecedarian pesos (US$605,000).In Germany, Adopted Admiral abettor Martin Schaefer said German experts were evaluating the video to actuate whether it was authentic, but that if it was, it’s “deeply shocking.”“It makes you canon what can beat bodies to accomplish such a barbaric crime, but, at the moment, I’m not in a position to say whether the video’s authentic,” he said.

He would not accordance any abstracts on attainable negotiations with the kidnappers, including whether there was a allurement demand, commendation government activity and aphorism that “public abuse never helps in accolade a solution” in such cases.Abu Sayyaf claimed in November that its gunmen had kidnapped Kantner and algid a woman sailing with him off abutting Malaysia’s Sabah state. Villagers afterwards actuate a algid woman on a yacht with the German banderole off Laparan Island in Sulu amphitheatre in the southern Philippines, the advancing said.

Kantner and his abettor Sabine Merz were taken agog by Somali pirates in 2008 and afterwards freed, admiral said.The Abu Sayyaf, which the US and the Philippines accepting blacklisted as a apostle organization, is captivation added than 20 adopted and belted hostages in boscage encampments in the country’s south. They beheaded two Canadian men admission year afterwards absent allurement deadlines lapsed.