The TDI Shark Bite from KA-BAR designed by Tactical Defense Institute is constructed of 100% Ultramid, the perfect material for a deep covert backup self-defense blade. Ultramid is a lightweight, synthetic material that provides a sharp and durable edge. This high-tech, covert knife is completely non-magnetic so it won't set off those pesky metal detectors. Ultramid is super tough and virtually impervious to the elements

Herbs are particularly delicate and mostly need to be finely cut or chopped – and yet small knives are not right for this task. It’s best to use larger knives for preparing herbs.

Machine Knife for Metal Working  with its wide, curved blade is simply excellent for chopping herbs using the rocking technique. Entire bunches of parsley etc. can be chopped up small in a jiffy using this knife. You can find out more about the right way to use the rocking technique on our information page for the cook’s knife.

Of course you can also continue working with your kitchen scissors after using them in the herb garden or on the balcony to cut chives or cress. Particularly if you need long pieces, using scissors to cut them is quick and easy. Some of our kitchen scissors have a micro-interlocking system, which prevents the food from slipping and ensures a powerful and precise cut.Why should I pay $25 to $400 for folding knife you ask? I can find one that looks just like the name brand one I want but for $8.95 at the swap meet or on the internet?


Just like the cook’s knife, the blade shape of the WüSTHOF Kitchen Surfer (Edition 3) makes it easy to chop using a rocking motion. With a little practice, finely chopping basil, mint or sage leaves is really easy using this knife.It may be hard to believe but the Chinese cook’s knife, though shaped like a cleaver, is not suitable for cutting through bones. It is used for slicing and chopping herbs and vegetables. WüSTHOF Chinese cook’s knives are specially designed for fine and small cutting tasks.