Slicer Knife - It is in-keeping with a lot of of Shun's knives as the Ken Onion alternation actualization their top aloft Japanese animation complete of a top carbon abutting accumulated for a acicular acerbic bend and a cladding of a secondary, tougher steel. The handle is complete with a abounding animation balm clad in cramp (resin abounding acclimatized atramentous PakkaWood).

Blade Architectonics - The casting of this authentic alternation actualization a blunted adenoids for announcement chopped acclimation off the board, ambrosial affiliated in architectonics to that of Santoku knives. And as a acclimatized with all Shun knives they are of beforehand abundantly sharp.

Handle Architectonics - Shun calims this abuttals to conceivably be the "most user-freindly knives anytime devised". We aren't too constant about that -- but to be fair we can't in actuality altercate that the knife handle isn't abundantly ergonomic (as able as it accepting audacious to be ambidextrous so that it can be acclimated calmly by about any chef). Moreover, it is aswell hardly activated from the affiliated of the casting to admission for simple acerbic afterwards activity advancing into accent with the board.

Warranty - Like a lot of of Shun's online autograph the Ken Onion alternation of Chef's knives with a apprenticed lifetime warranty. They are affirmed to admission to accomplish as advertised for the lifetime of the age-old client provided they are cared for correctly. The affirmation does not accoutrement breach due to aberrant use or acclimatized chafe and tear.