Investing in a wood splitter is a sound decision. There are many kinds of firewood splitters to choose from. Depending on how much wood you want to load in your truck will help you to determine the most efficient type. Many log splitters can be latched to the back of a truck for easy hauling. Gas or diesel splitters use gas to run the engine as the wedge splits the wood. They operate well and if you don't mind the noise and fumes, they get the job done. Make sure you purchase enough gas so you can split as much as you need.

Hydraulic wood splitters are considerably quieter and use less energy to operate. They work in the same fashion as a gas wood splitter. Electric wood splitters are like hydraulic ones, they work quieter too. Making sure that your splitter can handle certain kinds of logs should be discussed when you are shopping for a firewood splitter. It's also best to note what kind of work you will be doing since residential splitters are considerably cheaper than commercial ones.


One of the most important features of a wood splitter is to make sure your wedge is sharp. Just like swinging an axe, a dull blade makes the job harder. Maintenance is a must to make sure your investments stays working year after year. Knowing as much as you can about your choice of log splitter is important. Since there are upright and horizontal splitters available decide which one is going to benefit you the most.


Although a chain saw can help you cut up your logs and get you ready for the winter months, they take a toll on your arms and back. Having a splitter will add some joy in searching for wood and splitting it. You can gather enough for a couple of seasons with a splitter. If your neighbors live close enough and want to benefit from your decision, you can charge them and make a little profit. Home firewood splitters are a must for those who cannot swing an axe anymore or want to avoid a sore back and muscles.


Every winter, there comes a time where you need large amounts of wood for your wood furnace and the fireplace. However, using an axe is an arduous task and can cause back and spinal problems. Can you even imagine splitting cords of woods using just an axe? I can't. And that's why I own and MTD log splitter.