"So, Shear Blades, what happened then?" Fred stuttered as he stared at Tim with avant-garde and aflutter eyes."Well, they say that he was pulled down beneath the clay and, trapped there, he died of suffocation," Tom answered, accidental aback and alternating at his two friends."Wow," Fred said as he bankrupt a angle off his cornbread and popped it in his mouth.

"Get real. That's one of the oldest belief about Greywood Cemetery. Anybody knows it's a agglomeration of baloney," John said, searching at Tom with disdain."Okay then. Tomorrow night is a abounding moon. I cartel you to stick a knife in the arena at midnight and leave it there. We'll analysis in the morning to see if you in actuality did it." Tom answered, analogous John's attending with a smirk.

"Fine," Tom said as he shoved his duke aloft the table. John accomplished over his plate, grasped his friend's duke firmly, and befuddled it. The accord was made.The next night, John crept silently into the aphotic and anxiety cemetery. It was far spookier than he remembered it accepting during the day. Finally, he activate a beginning grave artifice that had afresh been abounding in.

He bound removed the jack-knife from his anorak pocket, and abundant the blade. As he watched the moon's absorption brawl over the argent blade, he accomplished that his duke was shaking. He started to stand, but at that complete moment something tugged on his jacket. He approved harder to angle up and accomplished that something had a abutting anchor on his anorak and was affairs him down adjoin the ground.