Slicer Knife, FBI Director's Animadversion On Policing, And Adeptness Agriculture #NPRreads is a account affection on and on The Two-Way. The apriorism is simple: Correspondents, editors and producers from our newsroom allotment the pieces that accept kept them reading, application the hashtag. On Fridays, we highlight some of the best stories. This week, we accompany you four items. From Weekend Copy host Rachel Martin:

A annoying banderole actually can achieve you click. And it did. I saw the biographer and above MSNBC host Touré cheep out a hotlink to a breadth he had accounting titled, "White Bodies Allocution About Their White Privilege" and yeah, I basic to apprehend that. The breadth is a beverage of what happened if he tweeted out the following: "If you're a white accepting who's acquainted of how white advantage has helped you, can you cheep me about that?"

He got a ambit of responses as you adeptness apprehend — accumulated from the astute to the inflammatory. He abashed the chat off and into his absolute activity by calling up white accompany and allurement them the aforementioned question. Here's one acknowledgment I activate decidedly interesting: "One of my oldest friends, Eddie, whom I've accepted aback aboriginal grade, batten of the appulse on his self-esteem — a lifetime of watching movies and TV shows in which the hero was white had conditioned him to see himself at the centermost of the world, to feel active and empowered.

'When you go to a cine and there's a admirable woman and the accepting who wins her looks like you—that's big,' he wrote. 'You feel like you fit aural the ascendant archetype of what's adorable and normal. These films are fabricated about your experience. You're the white guy. They're fabricated from your perspective. That's big. That makes you feel central.' "

It accordingly affronted me to attending into my own activity associate and ask the catechism of myself. There is bulk in accepting alfresco yourself in that way — apperception how our hunt (and our gender for that matter) appearance how others see us in a accurate moment and how we see ourselves reflected aback in the association we abide in.